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Learn how to survive nursing school, study more effectively, and successfully become a nurse! | taught by Nicole Whitworth

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Would you like to learn how to study in a way that will cause you to actually think like a nurse?

How about learn to conquer test anxiety, confidently answer NCLEX-style questions, or finish your care plans more quickly?

The PASS Program can teach you all that and more. With unique resources created for the serious nursing student, you get access to 50+ videos and 15+ downloadable handouts that will gently guide you through the process of becoming more effective in your studies, I share everything I wish I had known when I started nursing school, and have continued to test these principles over my more than eight years of tutoring experience.

The Videos Included in Membership Cover Essential Nursing School Topics, Such As:

  • Critical Thinking: Demystify the process of learning to "think like a nurse"
  • Test-Taking Strategy: Feel confident answering exam questions
  • Study Techniques: Eliminate overwhelm and learn what you need to know
  • NCLEX-Style Question Review: Discover how test writers are trying to trick you
  • 4-Step Study System: A simple study formula that keeps you on track
  • Sanity & Time Management: Avoid the crazy-cycle, and feel like yourself again
  • A+ Care Plans: Quickly create perfect care plans
  • Study Groups: Become the person everyone wants to study with

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What other students have said about the PASS Program:

Hi Nicole, first I want to start off by saying how awesome an idea you came up with for nursing students. I appreciate it so much because you really make things simplified and that's what we need as student nurses, a good foundation to build upon for critical thinking. I've always been on top of my studying but my issue is definitely insecurity, which I'm working on because I need to be a confident nurse out there and have my patients trust me. Sometimes I tend to look for more resources then needed because I think that I need all the information out there which I know is not the case. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to help us nursing students.

Felicia (San Antonio, TX)

Wow! This is wonderful and I really appreciate your thorough descriptions and tips - SO HELPFUL. More than I ever could have hoped for.

I was explaining some of your methods of preparing for lecture to my husband over dinner last night (he is getting ready to go back to school for his Masters in Computer Science) and he was amazed. He said, "Wow. This sounds like a really great course! I mean, I can completely see how that would work and be very effective, but I have never prepared for a class like that in my life. I would never have thought of that on my own." I totally agree. Everything you are teaching makes complete sense, but I have never studied this way before (and I have been a straight-A student all my life). I am so excited to try it.

Nicole (San Diego, CA)

You explain things in such an easy way that I get it. I feel terrified but when you talk all that anxiety disappears. Nursing care plans are my biggest fear of getting it wrong but the way you explained it...well, let's just say there were some light bulb moments. Thank you for allowing me to experience your calm and supportive style of teaching. I wish I could meet you in real life and give you a huge hug and say 'thank you' in person. So for now, a huge THANK YOU and keep being the amazing tutor you are...just wish I had you home here!

Leanne (Melbourne VIC, Australia)

I have actually been busy watching and applying what you teach to my studies the past day and a half or so and have found your methods to be very useful, especially those about test anxiety. I began to feel less overwhelmed and more focused almost immediately. I will DEFINITELY be recommending your program to friends and classmates!

Mandi (Isanti, MN)

Why only $25 for all of this?

Because I simply want to help more nursing students get through nursing school with less headache. The PASS Program was created more than four years ago, and up until now I have charged between $99 and $199 for the complete package. But God has blessed me and my family, and now I would like to be a blessing to others!
Nicole Whitworth
Nicole Whitworth
Founder of Your Nursing Tutor

Nicole has a BSN in nursing, as well as a BA and MA in Psychology. She is also the founder of Your Nursing Tutor, which she created in 2011 with the goal of teaching nursing students how to survive nursing school with their sanity (mostly) intact. She has been tutoring nursing students since she was in nursing school herself, and loves to share everything she's learned about becoming a safe effective beginning nurse.

Nicole has been happily married to Daniel for more than 11 years, and she homeschools their four delightful, yet very exhausting, children.


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